The assessments for the ‘Un Komienso Nobo’ project have begun. On March 11, it was the turn of the hospitality assistants. In the morning hours the assessment ‘kitchen’ was done, in the afternoon hours the assessment ‘bar and restaurant’ was done. The kitchen practice consisted of preparing a meal consisting of an appetizer and a main course. The bar and service were given tasks such as pouring different drinks, setting a table and serving dishes.
The assessment is the conclusion of an EVC program. The participants prepared their personal portfolio, and this was assessed by two independent assessors. This was followed by a criterion-based interview using the STAR method and an aptitude test. The assessments were taken at Maris Stella SBO, Curacao.
Un Komienso Nobo is a social training program. The participants went through a course in the Navy, followed by a work-study program that focused on working and learning in the professional context.